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146 SM lifelines rescue systems SECURASPAN CONCRETE POUR-IN-PLACE HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SYSTEM Installs to column tops for fall protection during the decking process !! o Minimizes fall clearances !! o 5,000 lb. rated stanchions simply slide into pour-in-place sleeve !! o High strength design does not require "tie-back" !! o 2-person single span or 6-person multi-span configurations available !! o Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA, ANSI A10.32 and ANSI Z359.1 standards Includes: 2 stanchions, cable assembly, 2 sleeves PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2307400260 60' (18M) POUR-IN-PLACE HLL SYSTEM $2,427.99 2307400200 INTERMEDIATE BRACKET KIT $87.99 2307400203 7'-6" TALL POUR-IN-PLACE STANCHION $979.19 2307400201 POUR-IN-PLACE SLEEVE $25.99 1217403060 60' (18M) ASSEMBLY W/TURNBUCKLE & ZORBIT $463.99 ZORBIT ENERGY ABSORBER FOR HORIZONTAL LIFELINES Simple design makes integration into system fast, easy and safe !! o Complete with two shackles, bolts and nut !! o Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI !! o Designed to limit fall forces !! o Extremely durable stainless steel constrution PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2307401031 $300.89 LAD-SAF MOBILE ROPE GRAB WITH ATTACHED EZ-STOP For use on 5/8" (16 mm) rope lifeline !! o 3' (0.9 m) shock absorbing lanyard with self-locking snap hook !! o Unique design is less sensitive to rope variations !! o Energy absorbing design reduces fall forces !! o Utilizes intertia and cam locking system to prevent "panic-grab" situations !! o Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and thermoplastic construction !! o 310 lb. capacity PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2305002045 $209.09 MANUAL ROPE ADJUSTER WITH LANYARD 3' (0.9 m) EZ-Stop shock absorbing lanyard for use on 5/8" (16 mm) rope lifeline !! o Manual design allows user to fix in place !! o Ideal for work positioning or restraint !! o Cam locking system for safety !! o Corrosion-resistant PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2301246037 $157.99 150' MULTI-SPAN CABLE ASSEMBLY Designed for use with SecuraSpan stanchions !! o Lightweight stanchions with single clamp design for fast attachment and easy adjustment !! o Bypassable design and unlimited system length for 100% protection and flexibility !! o Fits flanges up to 12" wide and 2-1/4" thick !! o Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI Includes: Tensioner, turnbuckle, two Zorbits h r ility able ng PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2307403150 $676.29 SECURASPAN I-BEAM STANCHION WITH BASE Extremely lightweight and portable !! o Extremely rugged zinc plated carbon steel construction !! o Simple clamp and wing nut installation !! o Fits flanges 12"-18" wide and up to 2-1/4" thick !! o System capacity of 2 workers per span, with a maximum of 6 workers on multi-span systems PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2307400055 $376.99 ROPE GRAB Revolutionary design is less sensitive to rope variations !! o Mobile design automatically follows user for hands-free operation !! o Detachable design can be attached or removed anywhere along lifeline !! o Inertia and cam locking systems for safety and to prevent "panic grab" situations PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2305000335 5/8" ROPE GRAB $183.59 SAYFLINE HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SYSTEM No special tools or equipment for installation !! o Kernmantle rope lifeline, tensioner, shock absorber and carrying bag !! o Capacity of 2 workers PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2307600506 60' $790.49 2307600510 100' $934.39 PRI $300 lifeline p hook nt s ruction $ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 146

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