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144 SM lifelines rescue systems KERNMANTLE ROPE HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SYSTEM Temporary, reusable, two-person system designed for fall arrest applications Includes: 1 Kernmantle rope, 1 Ultra Sack storage bag, 2 O-rings, 2 cross arm straps, 1 rope tensioner, 2 self-closing and self-locking carabiners GOTCHA KIT Unique solution designed for workers who use more common fall protection equipment !! o Designed for raising or lowering a single person !! o The kit is color coded for simplicity !! o Suitable for rescue from lanyards and retractable lifelines !! o The kit will work effectively with conscious or unconscious victims !! o Victim is raised to release from their original attachment Includes: 160' rope PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12153027 $2,994.49 SINGLE STANCHION Easy-to-store !! o For reusable warning line !! o Maximum spacing is 50' apart !! o Weighs 36 lbs. PRODUCT NO. PRICE 23015225 $180.89 GUARDRAIL ANGEL BOOT Functions to increase the support of a guardrail system through its durable, high-strength plastic design and reinforced gussets !! o Durable, high-strength plastic !! o Easy to install, can be attached to both wood and concrete, and is reusable for multiple installation application !! o Highly visible !! o Inexpensive option for both residential and commercial application !! o Integrated toe board design !! o Withstand even the harshest of work environments PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26315188 $31.59 3-WAY RESCUE RETRIEVAL RETRACTABLE LIFELINE 310 lb. capacity !! o Proprietary design !! o Easy handle feature allows for quick adjustment and movement of the retractable !! o Compatible with Guardian's Arc-O-Pod GUARDRAIL STANDARD GUSSET Simple installation with either screws or nails, and allows for guardrail systems to be installed flush with outside walls !! o Compatible with both 2x4" boards and snap-on metal railing !! o Gusset mounts bring guardrail posts flush with outside walls !! o Saves 40% of installation labor !! o Used in multiple installation locations if undamaged PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26361324 $4.89 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 26304638 30' KIT $498.79 26304639 60' KIT $519.59 12104640 100' KIT $522.69 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 26310974 50' $2,630.59 26310981 65' $2,678.59 SIZE PRICE 50' $2 630 5 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 144

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