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143 lifeline systems GOOSE SINGLE STANCHION For use with a reusable warning line !! o Convenient side handle for easy carrying !! o Easy to connect stem system on top of flag line connection !! o Spring loaded legs - no additional tools required !! o Can be permanently installed using a #12 screw !! o Lightweight PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12115227 $180.89 C-SLAB GRABBER Ideal solution for installing guardrails during concrete decking operations !! o Meets or exceeds OSHA's standards !! o Can use 2x4s, 2x6s or cable for rails !! o Maximum spacing 8' apart PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12115500 $62.19 TOE-BOARD ATTACHMENT For the Guardian G-Rail system !! o A free standing, portable fall prevention system !! o Requires no rooftop surface attachment !! o Hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust !! o Provides easy adaptability !! o OSHA and ANSI compliant PARAPET ANCHOR SYSTEM Used for the placement of guardrail uprights, single point tie-off, or in conjunction with a horizontal rope lifeline (up to a twenty foot span) !! o Single point tie-off !! o Durable, reusable and versatile system !! o Works with 52" Guardrail Post !! o Meets OSHA standards for guardrail and an anchor point !! o Workers can incorporate our Horizontal Rope Lifeline System up to a 20' span for increased mobility for one worker only PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1215171 $515.19 4-PERSON ROPE HORIZONTAL LIFELINE SYSTEM Simple to install via Rope Vice Tensioner !! o 16mm low stretch polyester double braided rope with wear indicator !! o Max span of 82' with up to 4 persons !! o Rope bag keeps equipment protected !! o Easy to take down and install with quick release arm !! o 24mm spanner flats allow additional tension reducing sag !! o Pulley will slip to avoid over tensioning !! o Alloy, powder-coated construction !! o Can be produced in a range of colors !! o Over 10K rope strength PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12130800 $986.49 BEST SELLER! ASK ABOUT RENTALS IN SELECT MARKETS! PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT SIZE PRICE 12115184 1.5 LBS. SHORT 10" $26.39 12115185 2.9 LBS. LONG 21" $25.99 WhiteCap.com 143 VISIT US ONLINE 12115500 .49

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