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139 anchors TITAN ANCHORAGE STRAP Web anchorage connector !! o 1-3/4" durable polyester webbing strap features a D-ring which slips through a web loop !! o Wraps around I-beams and other structures to form a secure anchorage point !! o Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements !! o 6' strap PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230T7314 $35.99 SHADOW BEAM ANCHOR Connects horizontally to a wide range of I and H beam flanges !! o Fits flanges up to 1-1/4" thick !! o Slides along the beam CLAW PERMANENT ROOF ANCHOR For wood rafters or truss members !! o Provides a single anchorage point when securely installed on a wood rafter or truss member !! o Fits 2-by wood sizes !! o Stainless steel construction !! o Accommodates single user for fall protection !! o 310 lb. capacity Includes: Galvanized steel roofing nails and UV resistant protective cap EDGE FALL PROTECTION SYSTEM ANCHOR Cost-effective, portable, engineered anchorage solution designed to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction !! o Freestanding, mobile overhead anchor point !! o Solid wheel casters !! o Two integral eye bolt attachment points accommodate self-retracting lifelines !! o Predetermined integral lifting points !! o Heavy-duty steel construction with protective enamel paint !! o Easy access handles on front and rear PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2309081 $10,250.99 REUSABLE TEMPORARY ROOF ANCHORS !! o For temporary anchorage connection !! o 2-pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230RA151 $162.99 PERMANENT ROOF ANCHORS For residential or commercial construction !! o Multiple use applications: new roof/shingle installation, gutter cleaning, window and skylight cleaning and repair, chimney and general roof maintenance !! o Stainless steel body construction, zinc-plated steel D-rings !! o Accommodates single user PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 230RA45 CLAW PERMANENT ROOF ANCHOR $52.99 230RA45B 25PK PERMANANT CLAW ROOF ANCHOR $1,182.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 230RA40 DOUBLE-D $32.99 230RA41 SINGLE-D $32.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION FITS FLANGE MATERIAL PRICE 230881412 ADJUSTABLE 4" - 12" S. STEEL & ALUMINUM $376.99 230881512 FIXED 4" - 12" S. STEEL & ALUMINUM $341.99 230881614SLA SHADOWLITE ADJUS. 3" - 14" ALUMINUM & BRONZE $240.79 230881614 SHADOWLITE ADJUS. 3" - 14" ALUMINUM & BRONZE $240.79 WhiteCap.com 139 VISIT US ONLINE .99 230RA4

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