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131 ANCHORS STANDING SEAM ROOF CLAMP Designed for use with retractable lifelines up to 50' long !! o Reusable, temporary anchor point !! o Pinch mounts to standing seams !! o Legs adjust from 24" to 36" to fit seam spacing !! o Allows retractable to rotate 360 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 23000250 $282.29 P PRECAST HOLLOW CORE CONCRETE ANCHOR Meets 5,000 lbs. load requirements !! o Toggle action makes it quick and easy to use !! o Durable components hold up under harsh environments !! o Can be used in concrete or steel substrates PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26300365 $228.89 RIDGE-IT ANCHOR WITH TWO D-RINGS Designed for permanent use on wood rooftops !! o New and improved !! o Composed of stainless steel !! o Easy installation !! o Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards !! o Watertight protection !! o 18" length Includes: Fasteners PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26300510 $49.39 GAP ANCHOR Non-penetrating !! o Made of lightweight aluminum !! o Single point tie-off !! o Optional retractable cradle that swivels 360 !! o Only Heavy Duty Edge Retractable is allowed to be used !! o Secure bracing system for added stability !! o Fits doorways and window openings from 24" to 51" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26315176 $569.99 2-WAY UNIVERSAL STANDING SEAM ROOF CLAMP 5,000 lb. rated !! o Completely reusable !! o Reversible design allows for seams up to 1" !! o Anchors securely without damage to completed roof !! o For one person single tie off !! o For use with retractable lanyards, vertical lifelines, and shock absorbing lanyards !! o Meets all applicable anchor durability reusable/temporary standards as set by OSHA/ANSI/EM385 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26310600 $274.29 WhiteCap.com 131 26310600 VISIT US ONLINE

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