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129 anchors CB SERIES ROOF ANCHORS FOR WOOD/CONCRETE/ METAL DECKING For concrete !! o Used as single anchor point or as part of horizontal lifeline system !! o For use with retractable, vertical or horizontal lifeline systems !! o Works with most off-the- shelf flashing kits !! o Post extends to attachment point !! o Durable galvanized finish SKYHOOK Powder-coated steel for increased durability and weatherproofing !! o Patented permanent anchor point !! o Can be installed on wood (3/4" CDX plywood or better) and metal (20 ga. or thicker) !! o Compatible with a variety of fall protection applications SNAPPY DISPOSABLE ANCHOR Convenient, disposable, easy to install and remove !! o Fits any roof pitch !! o Easy to install by nailing into the truss !! o Just hammer over the attachment point when the job is done and install roofing substrate over destroyed anchor point !! o Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards !! o Sold in cartons of 8 and 25 !! o Fasteners provided plicable NSI ns of 4-WAY PLATE ANCHOR Supports one worker in fall arrest or two workers in fall restraint !! o Constructed of 100% 1/4" hot rolled steel !! o For wood, metal, and concrete applications !! o 90 angles between connection points PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100691 $206.99 HOLD ME ROPE ANCHOR 5/8" rope termination point !! o Safer than tying a knot !! o Reusable, lightweight aluminum !! o Easy instructions for tie off !! o Stays tight, but simple to untie !! o Attach carabiner (not included) to top hole for attachment to anchor point PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12101300 $65.79 CB-1-B BOLT-ON WALL ANCHOR 6" x 6" bolt-on concrete anchor !! o Can be installed in both temporary and permanent applications !! o Facilitates a horizontal lifeline system !! o Powder coated for corrosion protection !! o Available with a backer plate for use on a beam or structure PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100600 $132.29 RIDGE-IT ANCHOR For permanent use on wood rooftops !! o Discreet design !! o Easy installation !! o D-ring on one end !! o Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI Standards !! o 9-3/4" length Includes: Nails PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100500 $21.99 HALO ANCHOR A temporary and reusable roof anchorage connector !! o 1/4" inch thick steel !! o Zinc plated forged alloy steel O-ring !! o Used for fall arrest or fall restraint !! o Can be used in conjunction with a horizontal lifeline !! o Fits any roof pitch !! o Can be used with horizontal lifelines Includes: Fasteners horizontal lifelines Includes: Fasteners PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100482 $51.59 CB-1-W WELD-ON ANCHOR Can withstand loads up to 5,000 lbs. !! o Forged steel D-ring !! o Temporary anchor point !! o Permanent application permissible if user applies appropriate finish !! o Intended for vertical steel structures only !! o 2-1/2" diameter PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100610 $111.89 meter P $111 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 12100300 SH-00 FOR FLAT ROOF $120.09 12100310 SH-03 FITS 1/12 TO 3/12 PITCH ROOF $117.99 12100330 SH-09 FITS 7/12 TO 9/12 PITCH ROOF $120.09 12100340 SH-12 FITS 10/12 TO 12/12 PITCH ROOF $120.09 12100320 SH-06 FITS 4/12 TO 6/12 PITCH ROOF $127.39 ) and metal r thicker) ble with a variety otection ons O DESCRIPTION PRICE PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 12100656 CB 18 GALV ROOF ANCHOR $340.69 121CB12 CB 12 GALV. ROOF ANCHOR $273.29 12100657 METAL ROOF ANCHOR GALV CB 18 $353.59 PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 12100711 CARTON OF 8 $65.79 retractable, orizontal ms most off-the- g kits s to point DESCRIPTION PRICE WhiteCap.com 129 VISIT US ONLINE 21.99 12100610

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